"Travel and change of pace impart new vigor to the mind"

Hello, Luxembourg!

Exciting news!! I’ve started a new job as a financial associate consultant, and my first project takes me to Luxembourg for 4 months! I’m really excited for the next few months ahead, familiarizing myself with a new country, meeting new people, starting a completely new job with new colleagues, and solving tasks and taking on challenges completely outside of my comfort zone. I’m the kind of person who likes the “not knowing”. I like going to a place so unknown to me, without knowing a single person, and going in without any expectations – experience has shown that this is when the magic happens. For instance, I found out that I had to be in Australia only a week from when I got the news, which, naturally, didn’t leave me with much time to build up expectations! And that year was the greatest experience of my life thus far. I’ve realized that the best things happen when you don’t plan or think too much about it.

I’m looking forward to starting over in yet another country, very different from the ones I’ve previously lived in. Although the plans have completely changed from what I thought would happen just 2 months ago, I love grabbing opportunities as they arise, and just saying yes and jumping in. I’ve never been afraid of a challenge or doing something new, I actually prefer it, and this is no exception. 2 months ago I thought I would be moving back to Melbourne for my masters, although I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do my master in, neither was I sure if I really wanted to go to Melbourne quite yet – I feel some distance is needed for it not to be compared or associated too much with what I knew from when I was there last year. I want to make sure I go there for me, and not for the people or the experiences that were once there. Saying that, I know in my heart I will go back, and I might even do my masters one day. But I’m still young, and there is so much I have yet to experience, and some work experience and traveling won’t hurt me 😉 I’m all smiles these days, and just stoked to start my new adventure. Luxembourg, here I come!!

I MEAN..!!!! It looks like a fairy tale town!

Anyone have any tips on things to do when in Luxembourg? I want to do them all!

// V


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